PureSolv EN 1-4 Enclosed

Solvent Purification System


Meets requirements established by the European Standard EN14470-1 for fire safety storage cabinets.


The european designed PureSolv-EN™ is one of Inert's technological innovations in the design, manufacture and distribution of safe and reliable systems for solvent storage, purification and processing. The PureSolv-EN™system is a fire safety cabinet that meets EN14470-1 performance requirements for the storage of flammable liquids in laboratories. EN14470-1 performance standards establish three primary safety requirements, while still maintaining all of the benefits customers expect from the PureSolv MD design, they are:


• Minimization of the risk of fire from stored flammable materials.
• Protection of the flammable materials in the event of fire.
• Minimization of emitted vapors to the outside environment and retention of any leaks inside the cabinet.


The PureSolv-EN™ provides the following capabilities in the storage of flammable liquids:


• Minimize the fire risks associated with the storage of flammable substances.
• Protection of the cabinet's contents in the event of fire for a known (tested) minimum length of time (fire rating).
• Minimize the amount of vapor released into the working environment and the retention of accidental spillage within the cabinet.


Protection of the cabinet's flammable content is assessed using a well-established measure in the physics of fire safety known as a Fire Resistance (FR) period. FR periods are measured and expressed in minutes. EN14470-1 standards address FR 15, 30, 60 and 90-minute periods. The standards require type test be used to measure existing FR requirements as established by previous ISO and EN standards. Cabinets are classified according to the level of FR determined during testing. The PureSolv-EN™ is field-tested to meet requirements and is classified as having a 90-minute flammable rating.


The total internal volume of the PureSolv-EN™ cabinet is less than one cubic meter, as required by EN14470-1 standards. All flammable solvents are fully contained in the unit. The standards do not address differences in flammable liquids, such as those based on physical properties. The user must comply with other national regulations in determining the suitability of standards for a particular liquid solvent.


In compliance with EN14470-1 standards for storage furniture and laboratory furniture, PureSolv-EN™ cabinets are capable to hold their weight on their base. The cabinets can be either free-standing, wheel (or castor) mounted or restrained to a wall. The PureSolv-EN™ offers a fully compliant and space saving alternative to brick enclosed and walk-in rooms.


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PureSolv EN Enclosed

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Can be configured for 1-4 solvents
System is fully enclosed in a EN-14470 flammable storage cabinet 

Up to 4-Solvent System

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System dimensions 47.0" (1195 mm) Wide x 25.0" (635 mm) Deep x 86.6" (2200 mm) High
Frame Extruded aluminum 
Vacuum manifold Integrated in frame
Analog vacuum gauge 0 to -30" Hg 
Inert gas manifold Integrated in frame
Analog pressure gauge 0-100 psi
Main system pressure isolation 2-way 1/4" stainless steel ball valve
Main system pressure relief  70 psi
Electrical ground Fully bonded system
  Copper plate for attachment to building ground
  Retractable grounding reel for solvent reservoir filling
Lockable casters for mobility  


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Valve bracket 304 stainless steel
Evacuate/refill/dispense 5-way valve for ease of use and safety
  Eliminates possibility of dispensing solvent into the vacuum pump
Solvent metering valve Stainless steel needle valve
Collection flask inert gas refill Individual low pressure regulator
  7 psi pressure relief valve
  Check valve 
Collection flask conection joint Stainless steel 24/40 is standard
  Other sizes available
Horizontal clamping post for collection flask Height adjustable

Dual Purifying Column Design

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Drying columns 4" (101 mm) OD x 25" (635 mm) L
  Internal volume = 1 US gallon (4L)
Inlet/outlet valves 3-way 1/4" stainless steel 
  Allows easy troubleshooting
Drying capacity 800L based on HPLC grade solvent

Drip Tray

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304 stainless steel


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1/4" 304 stainless steel piping

Particle Filter

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Stainless steel, 7 micron 

Solvent Resevoir

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304 stainless steel
17L volume
2" sanitary flange for refilling
Color-coded quick disconnect for solvent out
Regulator with quick disconnect for inert gas push

Flammable Storage Cabinet

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EN14470-1 cabinet
System is fully contained within the cabinet
90 minute rating
Holds up to 7 x 17L reservoirs

Vacuum Pump

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Vacuum pump Solid Teflon and Kalrez for maximum solvent compatibility
Pumping speed 20L/min
Ultimate vacuum 6 Torr

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